Otoplasty - cosmetic ear surgery


Otoplasty - cosmetic ear surgery
Clinic name: Poliklinika za estetsku kirurgiju Dr. Tončić
City: Zagreb
Region: Central Croatia - Zagreb macro region
Country: Croatia

Innate deformations manifest in an irregular shape or position of the auricles (protruding, deformed or low ears). Protruding ears are the most common deformation, which can be on one or both ears, and depending on the intensity it can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Parents are often wondering what is the appropriate time (appropriate age of the child) for a child to have this surgical intervention. It is considered that the best time to do otoplasty is just before the child starts school. Approach to this problem is in that way very pragmatic. On one hand, deformation of the auricle has completely developed and the auricle itself has completed its growth while, on the other hand, the child comes to a new social environment without any obvious abnormality. 

The fact that protruding ears can be surgically corrected as early as at preschool age is very favorable for children, because it gives them the opportunity to remove this prominent deformation which might become the starting point for the development of undesirable complex during school age. Children can be very cruel with their honesty and expressed tendency to ridicule. Very often you can hear various nicknames given to child such as Dumbo the Elephant, Jug Ears or Propeller, due to his/hers floppy ears. It is very probable that this child will develop a negative physicological complex. The proof that this complex really exists is the fact that also many adults come to have their physical imperfections corrected, because their parents didn’t not make it possible for them when they were children. Adult patients coming for the otoplasty are mostly younger people. They often, after the successful surgery,  change their hairstyle in order to accentuate their “new” ears. Young men cut their hair very short, and women can finally relax and make a ponytail or other similar hairstyles, as they don’t need to cover their ears anymore. 

Ear correction is aesthetic surgical procedure that successfully and permanently deals with prominent or deformed ears.  The intervention is painless for the patient. It’s done under local anesthesia, however if necessary (especially with young children) it can be performed under general anesthesia. The surgery lasts for about 1 hour.  Before the operation, we take very precise measurements and draw the lines of correction on the auricle. The incision is done behind the ear. During the procedure, beside the skin tailoring, we also form new shape of the auricle and ears. Due to the fact that the main incision is behind the ear, scars won’t be visible. Complications are very rare, however if they occur, they can manifest as a hematoma, thicker scar or secondary infection.  After the surgery the ears are fixed in the desired position.

Although otoplasty is performed on a regular basis at the polyclinic, Dr.Toncic and his team can guarantee a professional approach and attention to details.

Before the surgery
• Patient goes through a routine preoperative analysis, which comprises examination and consultation in our clinic and blood test analysis.
• Before the surgery, surgical team has one final conversation with the patient, final preoperative consultation and medical examination, and the precise plan of the surgery which represents important step to the final success of the surgical procedure.
• Before the surgery, patients are instructed  to discontinue painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, containing acetylsalicylic acid like Aspirin, Andol or Acisal. This is very important factor in patient’s preparation for the surgery, as this way we prevent possible bleeding and haematoma during and after the procedure.
 • Patients coming from abroad are enabled to do all the preoperative preparation, examinations  as well as the surgery in only one visit, and first consultations can be done over the telephone or internet.  This way, our surgeons get a deeper insight into the individual case, according to which they can estimate whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the desired operation. Upon patient’s arrival to Zagreb,  final preoperative consultations and medical examinations (including blood test) are being performed, and also details of the otoplasty are being discussed together with the patient. After that, the surgery is being performed.

Anesthesia and the procedure:
• Otoplasty is performed under the local anesthesia which makes the procedure painless for the patient.
• Patient stays at the clinic for several hours: 1 hour of preoperative preparations, hour and a half  for the surgery after which the patient rests for couple of hours. After the completion of the surgery, the patient is sent to home care.  

• Great success of the operations in Dr Toncic’s clinic is largely due not only to the experience of our surgical team, precise and enhanced techniques, but also to well organized professional postoperative care.
• Dr Toncic and his team insist on regular check ups and everyday contact with the patient, in order to be sure of the success of the operation and wellbeing of the patient.
• Postoperative recovery after otoplasty is individual, however it usually lasts for around 7 days. The stitches are removed 7 days after the surgery, and our patients can resume their personal and professional activities 10 days after the operation. First 1 -2 months after the surgery patients should avoid sport and all activities that could lead to ear injuries.
• Recovery and sick leave lasts 7-10 days after the surgery.
• Recommended stay in Zagreb after the otoplasty is minimum one day, however , check-up is recommended seventh day after the surgery when also the stitches have to be removed.

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