Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation
Clinic name: Poliklinika za estetsku kirurgiju Dr. Tončić
City: Zagreb
Region: Central Croatia - Zagreb macro region
Country: Croatia

During the breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Tončić relies on his rich surgical experience and refined sense for design and art.  These qualities are specially accentuated during the preoperative marking of the areas of intervention and when choosing types of  implants.

Dr.Toncic and his surgical team pay attention to the patient's desires when choosing the implants, in order to evaluate the optimal size and shape of the implants.  They use silicone implants of some of thr world’s famous manufacturers  such as the American company Mentor and Allergan and also Eurosilicon.  After the breast augmentation surgery, the patient receives  the certificate of the implants.

Silicone implants are soft and very natural to the touch and squeeze. It is important to note that the patient can breastfeed the child with no difficulties  (in case it was possible also before the surgery), and that the breast is available to all medical examinations because the implant is located beneath the mammary glands or beneath the chest muscle.

Required age of patients for this procedure is over 18 years. Operative indications are diverse, from the undeveloped and small breasts, breast asymmetry, congenital anomalies, reconstructive breast surgery and other.

The incision in the breast augmentation surgery is performed through the armpit, around the nipple or under the breast. Due to the location of the section, the scar is not visible after the surgery. The result of this aesthetic surgery is immediately visible.

Breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants began to run in the early 60’s, and is one of the newest fields of the aesthetic surgery. Since then silicone implants were incorporated to millions of women.  Therefore the possible reactions to the implants  are very well researched and documented. Mild reaction  is possible due to the foreign body, which ultimately results in creating a thin shell as a natural barrier to the implant. Rejection of the implants are extremely rare reactions which are manifested in the form of an inflammatory response or more pronounced capsule.

It is also necessary to reject  the prejudices that silicone implants cause breast cancer. Nothing similar has ever been proven or reported. The silicone is widely used in medicine, and so far it is considered the best material for producing various implants, because the human body tolerates it extremely well . Artificial cardiac valves, pace-makers, skin creams, baby pacifiers, lubricating injections and other...are all made of the silicone.

Nowadays, due to the efficient surgical techniques and high-quality implants, this procedure should not stay just a dream to women around the world.  Today, the breast augmentation is a simple and safe surgery, which ultimately represents an investment in the quality of life.


Before the surgery:
• Before the breast augmentation surgery, preoperative treatments of the patient must be done, which includes internal medicine examination (ECG) and laboratory blood tests as well as the examination and consultation in the clinic. If necessary, the laboratory testings and internal medical examinations with the ECG can be made the day before the surgery or even on the day of the surgery, if previously agreed with the polyclinic.
• Final preoperative consultations and examination are done before the start of the surgery. Right before the surgery dr. Toncic marks the place of the intervention as orientation for the ultimate success of the surgery.
• Before any surgical intervention, especially breast augmentation surgery, it is necessary to stop taking pain killers from the group of non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that contain acetyl salicylic acid like Aspirin, Andol or Acisal. This is also a very important factor in preparing the patient for the surgery, because in this way is prevents possible bleeding and hematoma (blood bruises) during and after surgery, which significantly improves and speeds up the recovery process and improves the results.
• To patients coming from foreign countries, it is enabled to perform all preoperative examinations and consultations in one day as well as the surgery, and initial consultations over the phone or the internet.  During the initial consultations it has been evaluated whether the patient is suitable at all for this type of intervention. Upon the patient's arrival in Zagreb, final preoperative consultation is performed during which all the details of the intervention are defined together with the patient, and then the surgical procedure can start.

Anesthesia and surgery:
• Breast augmentation is performed in total anesthesia under the supervision of a top anesthesiologist. The patient is asleep during the surgery, thereby making the procedure painless for her.
• The patient stays at the clinic for 12 hours: one hour for the preoperative preparation, hour and a half  for the surgical procedure, and the rest of the time is used to rest after the surgery. Upon completion of the procedure the patient is referred for a home care.

• Thanks to the well-organized and highly professional postoperative care, the polyclinic Dr.Toncic can be proud of its high success percentage. Dr. Tončić and his team insist on regular check ups and everyday contact with the patient, for the successful recovery free of any complications.
• The postoperative recovery is individual, and it takes about 10 days. The stitches are removed 10 days after the surgery. Two weeks after the surgery, the patient is ready to get back to the everyday activities, however it is recommended to avoid any greater physical effort for the period of 1 month after the surgery.
• Necessary and recommended STAY IN ZAGREB last for ten days.
• After the surgery it is recommended to avoid the sun exposure in order to make the scar less noticeable.

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